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Move Out Instructions

If you are moving out, the lease requires you to keep utilities on until the end of the lease even if you move out early so please do not schedule your utilities to be turned off until the day after your lease ends so the new tenants can do a name change without the utilities being shut off. After you have your carpets professionally cleaned and your property is clean and ready for a check out inspection, please shut off your main water shut off valve to prevent water drips or damage that may occur after you move out, especially if disconnecting washing machine or refrigerator, then drop the keys labeled with the property address along with a sheet of paper listing your forwarding address(es) at our office in an envelope with "Attention Location Properties" on the envelope at our office at 1037 Vermont Street, Lawrence KS in the drop box in the door or in the drop box in the entryway.


For more requirements upon move out, please see your lease and see our website at or our Move Out Documents tab on this site.

We process the security deposit within 30 days as long as you provide us your new address, leave the property in good condition, and contractors are not required to do extensive work due to damage.
Best wishes and thanks for your cooperation.

Move In Instructions

If you are moving in, please schedule your utilities to be switched into your name the day before your lease starts if possible in order to make sure you have utilities on when you move in. We do not switch utilities into landlords name between tenants. We appreciate your patience as we work with the tenants who are moving out to make sure the place is clean and move in ready. In most cases, requests to move in prior to the lease start date and time cannot be done due to the time needed for the home to be cleaned and made move-in ready.

When ready to check in, please contact the property manager who showed you the property or:

Josh (785) 841-7300 ext 713


Our leases require tenant to activate water, gas, and electric utilities prior to moving in.

Click here for a list of area utility companies

Clogged Drains:

Our tenants are responsible for clearing any interior drains in the home.  Try this youtube videos and others for tips on how to do so.  If all of the drains are not draining, then it could be the main sewer line so in that case, please submit a maintenance request for sewer line cleanout.

Go to Youtube and type "How to clean out clogged drain" for various videos with tips.

Electrical Outlets:

Some of the outlets in my house don't work.  It could be as simple as pressing one button:

Garbage Disposal:

What if my garbage disposal locks up or is clogged?

Here is a good video to view before calling a plumber regarding garbage disposal issues:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Mold or Mildew:

What to do if you see what appears to be Mold or Mildew?

Snow Removal Reminder:

If your lease requires you to do your own snow removal, the City of Lawrence requires that any sidewalk next to the front, back, or side of the property to be shoveled within 48 hours of the snowfall. Please let us know if you need a referral to a snow removal contractor if you are not able to remove snow yourself.

If you live in a larger building in which snow removal is provided, please put in a Task on our website at if the contractor does not get the snow removed in a timely manner (weather permitting). Most snow removal contracts for larger buildings activate after two inches of snow.

Frozen Pipe Caution:

Please keep in mind that it is the tenants responsibility to prevent frozen pipes. Keeping the heat on at a reasonable level (preferable above 60 degrees) will help. Do not shut your heat all the way off. If you leave town during the winter for more than 24 hours, please shut off the main water shutoff valve and leave the heat set at 60 or above.

Here is a tip as to how to find and shut off your water while out of town or if you discover a leak.

Snow Removal:

What if my lease requires me to do snow removal?

City of Lawrence Ordinance Number 8324

Ord. 8324 went into effect Dec. 20, 2008 and requires property owners (or tenants if lease passed that responsibility to tenant) to remove snow or ice within 48 hours of the end of a snowfall or ice accumulation.

In a situation where a property owner (or tenant by lease contract) fails to comply with the Ordinance 8324 and the Development Services Division receives a complaint, a citation will be written. Property owners (passed along to tenants) will be assessed a fine of $20 for each day the violation occurs, plus court costs if found guilty of the violation.


The property owner adjacent to a public sidewalk


Is responsible for removing ice and snow from the


public sidewalk in the City of Lawrence


Within 48 hours of the end of a snowfall or ice accumulation


For the safe travel of pedestrians.

To make public sidewalks safe for pedestrians, the owner of the property immediately adjacent to a public sidewalk is responsible for the removal of any snow or ice that accumulates on the sidewalk. Removal must be done within 48 hours after the ice forms or the snowfall ends.

In the event that removal of ice is impossible, the property owner is required to place sand on the sidewalk within 48 hours.


In managing rentals, we get reports of spiders often in this area of Kansas.  Many think that they are brown recluse spiders.  Our tenants, who do their own pest control according to the lease, report to us that they have good luck with a combination of foggers, sprays, and sticky traps. Try Ortho Home Defense from Home Depot or other hardware stores or Hot Shot Fogger from hardware stores or grocery stores.   

In Lawrence, there are going to be spiders in every house and apartment building and so we recommend that people spray and fog before moving into any home or rental and then spraying the perimeter of each room between monthly and quarterly and using the foggers when not home for a day or more.

Here are a few interesting article about spiders:


Pest Control

When it gets cold outside, bugs and animals try to get into warmer structures. Our leases require tenants to maintain pest free homes and to control their own level of pest control chemicals in the home. Some of our previous tenants have recommended the following over the counter pest control. Try Ortho Home Defense from Home Depot or other hardware stores or Hot Shot Fogger from hardware stores or grocery stores. If you see evidence of mice or rats, try Tomcat brand mice and rat killer or traps. Please follow the directions on the labels of those products when using them. If you see holes or exterior damage that allows pests to enter the property, please caulk those areas or put in a maintenance request and we will schedule someone to do so.

Also, pests are attracted to food.  So the following steps along with spraying for these pests can help reduce pests like roaches in your home:

1. Remove ALL items from your kitchen and bathrooms cabinets; this also includes all items from
on the counter. Items may be placed back in cabinets & drawers after 4 hours.

2. All food debris must be cleaned out of the cabinets & drawers.

3. Pick up and remove all trash, garbage, etc. from the home daily.

4. Vacuum all crumbs and food debris from floor, behind appliances, etc.

5. Do not leave food, dirty dishes, or spills for long periods of time.

6. After treatment, dead roaches must be removed daily. Use a DRY cloth or vacuum to remove dead roaches from cabinets and drawers.

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