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Our Receptionist during business hours can transfer you to the appropriate person with our company.  Call us at 1-800-883-0412.

Or contact at one of these direct lines:

Property owners calling about property management (785) 841-7300 ext 1

To view a property that is advertised for lease (785) 841-7300 ext 5

Former tenants calling about their security deposit (785) 841-7300 ext 3

Interested in contracting with us to manage your property (785) 841-7300 ext 1

General Customer Service (785) 841-7300 ext 0

Accounting and Rent Payments (785) 841-7300 ext 1

Josh (785) 841-7300 ext 713

Bryan (785) 841-7300 ext 1







Homes, Townhomes, Office Space, and Apartments for rent or lease in Lawrence, Kansas and the Lawrence, KS area.

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